Who Paid the Bill?? Tracking Campaign Donations in Congressional Politics | Bills


Project Concept and Goals

The purpose of this project is to provide an interface where Congressional bills can be queried for particular types of information. This information can be helpful in determining which Congressmen choose to sponsor bills that concern particular topics and who the top corporate and industry donors are behind each bill and for each Congressman.

To make this data more accessible, it is possible to search for each bill by topic or by sponsor and to search for each member of Congress and see all of the bills that they have been involved with.

Each bill will be presented with the top industry and corporate donors among the sponsors and authors of the legislation.

It's also possible to get a comprehensive list of all bills that have originated since the swearing in of the 112th Congress in plain-text or XML by clicking on the "Bill" link above


What does all that mean?

Basically, what this means is that you can search for bills based on the following criteria:

And you can look up Congressmen based on the following criteria

Hopefully, what will be returned to you - via the magic of xQuery and the kindness of House.gov and Opensecrets.org - will contain the following information in a readable format:

Note: This is a work in progress and intended to contain more material as the project progresses past the scope of this class. More information about this can be found under the About menu item in Future Plans.